The Blog

I started this blog to keep track of my reviews of beers brewed and distributed to the Austin-area.  Rather than contributing my work and effort to a mega review website, I’d rather keep them my own intellectual property.  These reviews also serve as practice for me to hone my BJCP judging skills (certified rank), and will thus be written in a similar manner and scoring methodology.

Opinions expressed in this blog are my own.  If something comes across as negative it is not intended as libel, but an honest attempt to describe how I’m perceiving a beer.  Everyone has a different palate and experiences beer differently.


I began drinking craft beer around 2007.  I lived in Michigan at the time, and luckily had a good number of high-quality beer sources around.  Although I was constrained by cash back then, I quickly discovered that buying a $8 6 pack of Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale was a much better drinking experience than one from a macro-brewery.

I’ve lived in Austin since 2010, and have watched the craft beer scene explode.  Not only have the local breweries grown in number and quality, but also the distribution from regional and national producers has reached enormous levels.  While the craft beer landscape in Austin has grown tremendously, I also feel it has became more muddied.  With so many options it’s become harder for new beer drinkers to know if a beer is a good representation of a style.  Hopefully this blog can offer some insight into that.