Acid Western

Brewery:  Oddwood Ales
Style:   Wild Specialty Beer(28C)
Package:  500ml Bottle
Purchased: Beer to-go
Packaged Date:  N/A
Consumed Date: July 23, 2020

Details From the Brewer

ABV: 6.2%

A simple Saison aged with our expressive house cultures for over a year in select wine barrels.  We then re-fermented the blend on a massive amount of peach puree.    Natural carbonation in the bottle lends the beer a pleasing effervescence.  Along with a light and complex acidity, we perceive notes of citrus rind, stone fruit, and ripe peaches.  The quest to get there is fraught and somewhat unknown.  But, that’s what it’s about.


Aroma – 10.5/12

Peach skin jumps out of the glass.  A  moderate acidity quickly joins in.  It has some lemon citrus aspect, but also a touch of vinegar.  There a slight sweetness, that lends to a creamy aroma as well.  Lesser pear and tropical fruit esters come out as it warms, with a subtle barnyard funk.  A low vanilla oaky aroma is also perceivable.

Appearance – 2.5/3

Pours a deep golden hay color liquid.  Small and fine bubbles make up a modest head that quickly dissipates.  A strong haze fills the glass as the second half of the bottle is poured. 

Flavor – 17/20

A medium, juicy peach flavor hits the tongue first.  A moderate-high acidity envelops the mouth next.  This acidity has some citric and lactic yogurt quality, but a touch of vinegar complexity as well.  A low sweetness and bitterness.  Light notes of grass and apples round out the stone fruit.  Towards the end of the taste, a slight oak flavor comes out.  The finish is quick, punctuated by an acidity, leaving a lingering stone fruit impression.

Mouthfeel – 4/5

Medium-high carbonation.  A bit over medium bodied.  A low alcohol warming is present on the finish with some oak astringency. 

Overall Impression – 8/10

A nice fruited sour.  The brett funk and barrel blend in well with the peach character.  The peach itself is very prominent, which is notoriously hard  to do.  While the acidity has a nice complexity, it a bit stone with the rest of the beer.   Blending it down a bit to not overpower the fruit character would make this a bit more pleasing.  After finishing the review, I did blend in the dregs w ith the rest of my glass, and it really rounded out the acidity.

Rating – 42/50

Barrel-aged fruited sours when done well are some of the most sought-after beers around.  I’m surprised this has stuck around to-go for as long as it has at Oddwood with how good it is.  Let’s blame that on the abomination that is the TABC .