Fresh Kicks

Brewery: Real Ale Brewing Co
Style: Specialty IPA (21B)
Package: 12oz Can
Purchased: Specs Airport, March, 2020
Best By Date: June 24, 2020
Consumed Date: March 19, 2020

Details From the Brewer

ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 40
OG: 10.5P

Fresh Kicks is inspired by Hazy IPAs from the Northeast – beers that are at their best when consumed hella-fresh. The grain bill includes oats and malted wheat – malts rich in proteins that lend this beer its distinctive hazy appearance and a soft mouthfeel. A blend of Azacca, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Strata hops, added at multiple times in the fermentation process, produces hop flavors and aromas that mimic the addition of ripe tropical fruits. Like that new pair of fresh kicks, this beer will have you walking on AIR.


Aroma – 12/12

Pineapple and mango at medium high intensity off the start. Grapefruit and orange citrus aroma joins as well. There’s a bit of dankness and berry notes at a lesser intensity that add a nice complexity. Some sweetness with a low grainy, dough malt character. As it warms cantaloupe melon appears.

Appearance – 3/3

Pours a light, vibrant yellow liquid with no clarity. The haze is heavy, but doesn’t appear murky. Small and fine bubble compose a thin but persistent head. Excellent lacing.

Flavor – 16/20

Citrus and pineapple notes at a medium high level. The midtaste brings passionfruit, some tropical funk, and a touch of pine/dank. There’s a moderate sweetness as well that fades into an equal intensity bitterness towards the finish. A low white bread malt character with some graininess. A piney, grapefruit flavor is left after the taste ends. Some bitterness lingers. Slight alcohol warmth.

Mouthfeel – 4/5

Medium carbonation hits the front of the mouth. Lighter bodied than expected from the flavor and nose. Thins out towards the finish, without any astringency. Has a slight mouth watering character. Almost mouth watery

Overall Impression – 9/10

This is a great IPA. The nose on it is outstanding. The hop combination works so well together. While a lot of the same notes came through on the flavor, it wasn’t quite as complex and harmonious. I like the dryness of the beer, but it could use a touch more body as well.

Rating – 44/50

What a great addition to the Real Ale lineup. This IPA does similar things to a lot of the Pinthouse Pizza beer. The hop usage of a New England IPA, with a lighter malt bill, and a good amount more bitterness. The light finish makes this so much more drinkable than a lot of the traditional IPAs. I’m surprised it’s 6.6% since it drinks a bit lower like some of the newer low-cal IPAs.