Ginger Lime Einhorn

Brewery: Austin Beerworks
Style: Fruit Beer (29A)
Package: 12oz Can
Purchased: HEB Tech Ridge, June, 2019
Canned Date: May 22, 2019
Consumed Date: August 11, 2019

Details From the Brewer

ABV: 3.5%

What a beauty!  Climb on the winged back and fly to a delightfully tart place somewhere between seventh heaven and cloud nine.


Aroma – 5/12

An almost overpowering ginger aroma jumps out of the glass.  A lemon and lime smell follows it that’s close to being sprite.  There’s a whiff of wheat present, but no hops or alcohol notes.  Maybe a slight pear ester is detectible as well.

Appearance – 2/3

The liquid pours a bright straw color with an intense haze.  Medium bubbles make up a pure white head that stands momentarily before collapsing with below average retention.

Flavor – 12/20

Ginger is the first thing tasted.  While its at a high level, the citric lime flavor isn’t far behind.  This works in tandem with lemony tang of the lactic acid.  Some bready and doughy notes come out towards the finish.  Mostly ginger is left in the mouth afterwards with some acidity lingering.  Low bitterness and sweetness. 

Mouthfeel – 3/5

Medium-low bodied gradually thinning towards the finish.  Moderate carbonation.  The finish has a drying effect, but not like astringency.  There’s a small tingling burn from the ginger on the cheeks.

Overall Impression – 7/10

Much like the other variants, this has a fantastic Berliner base.  The combination of lime and ginger plays well off each other.  The usage rate is a bit too strong for the base beer though.  The finish on this one is also much drier and thinner than the other variants, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Rating – 29/50

I really like ginger, and this was bordering on ginger beer for me.  While I personally enjoyed it, it’s still a bit too intense and out of balance with the rest of the beer.  Trying the three Einhorn variants was a fun experience. I could see pairing this with some Sushi.