Grapefruit Gose

Brewery: Real Ale Brewing Co.
Style: Fruit Beer (29A)
Package:  12oz Can
Best By Date:  6/22/18
Purchased:  Whichcraft – Mueller, Mar 2018

Details from the Brewer

ABV: 4.4%
OG: 11.35P
IBU: 5
Availability: Mar-May

A historic style from Northern Germany, Gose is a slightly sour wheat beer known for hints of coriander and a unique saltiness. In our twist on the style, we add fresh grapefruit purée after fermentation. The result is a delightfully tart and bright beer designed to refresh and renew, just in time for Spring.


Aroma – 8/12

A medium sourness hits first.  A bright grapefruit character quickly blends into the sour aroma and dominates the remainder of the aroma, but at a moderate level.  Low levels of lemon and a very slight doughiness.

Appearance – 2/3

The can originally pours a deep straw color, but becomes a deep peach in the second half of the can.  A very small amount of ivory bubble lines the glass and quickly disappears with poor retention.   I had just hand cleaned this glass and rinsed with RO water, so I don’t think that was a factor.

Flavor – 16/20

Moderate sour character mixed with grapefruit starts of the taste. This mixes with a moderate-low grain and dough malt note.  Lemon and citrus come out in low levels towards the end of the taste with a very low sweetness.  A moderate salinity also appears just before the finish.  This is coupled with a very low bitterness to provide a dry yet soft finish.  No noticeable hop presence.   Grapefruit and salinity persist in the aftertaste for a few seconds.

Mouthfeel – 4/5

Medium bodied.  The midtaste has a nice pillowy character to the mouthfeel.  Towards the finish it is slightly watery with a low salty slickness present.  Medium high carbonation.  The finish has a nice softness with no alcohol warmth.  There is a low puckering sensation on the finish reminiscent of grapefruit pith.

Overall Impression – 7/10

This is one of the better grapefruit beers I’ve had.  While it showcases the fruit well, it does slightly overpower the Gose base beer.  I’d like to see a bit more coriander and pilsner malt come up to balance the fruit character to bump this up into the excellent or outstanding range.  This does a good job of minimizing the grapefruit bitterness, still letting the sour and salt characters through.

Rating – 37/50

Fruited Gose have been one of the more hyped fruit beer styles for a while now.  While this does a great job of expressing grapefruit,  I think I’d rather reach for the non fruited version as a summer thirst quencher.  This might be my general distaste for grapefruit talking though.  If you’re a fan of the fruit, chances are you’re going to love this beer.