Live Oak Gold

Brewery: Live Oak Brewing Company
Style: German Pils (5D)
Package: 12oz Can
Purchased: Whichcraft Mueller, May 2018
Packaged Date: N/A
Consumed Date: 5/28/18

Details from the Brewer

ABV: 4.8%
OG: 12ºP
IBU: 34

Live Oak Gold is a North German-style pilsner, cousin to our Czech-style Pilz. Gold is dryer and crisper, with more focus towards the floral Noble hops from the Hallertau region. The clean fermenting German lager yeast allows the hops to shine through the subtle, dry malt profile. As in all of our lagers, we use the traditional ingredients of time and temperature. Cold fermentation and lagering
produces a beer that is brilliant and beautiful. Prost!
Available: SPRING


Aroma – 10/12

Light crackery malt with some graininess at a medium intensity.  This is quickly joined by some herbal and floral noble hop aroma at a low level.   A slight sweetness from the malt peaks through too.  While there was maybe a hint of sulfur when first poured, no fermentation character is present.

Appearance – 3/3

Pours a deep straw almost golden liquid.  A healthy amount of medium sized white bubbles provide a two-finger head that hangs around with average retention.  The clarity is excellent.

Flavor – 19/20

Hops hit the tongue first.  Slightly grassy, herbal and floral character at a low-medium level.  This is quickly joined a pleasant crackery, grainy malt character of equal intensity.  Towards the end of the taste, a moderate bitterness appears, that sticks around and punctuates the finish with a sharpness but doesn’t linger.  Some hope character persists on finish as well.  Balanced towards dry and bitter.   No fermentation flavors, but a nice well-lagered crispness.

Mouthfeel – 5/5

Medium high carbonation providing a nice bite to the finish.  Medium bodied, which quickly gets out of the way on the finish.  A very low alcohol warmth on the back of the tongue.

Overall Impression – 9/10

A fantastic example of a German Pilsner.  The balance of hop character and bitterness to malt flavor is perfect.  I seem to remember having the hops pop a little more in the aroma on past examples.  It would be nice to see that here, but it maybe just be due to age.

Rating – 46/50

This is one of my favorite beers made in Austin.  It sticks closer to the hop/malt balance seen in German examples, rather than the more hop forward versions like Prima Pils or Real Ale’s Hans.  The base malt just pops with wonderful expression.  I don’t know how this beer hasn’t picked up more acclaim in the Austin-area.  I’d love to see it move to a year-round beer instead of only a seasonal release.