Margarita Gose

Brewery: Strangeland Brewery
Style: Fruit Beer (29A)
Package: 12oz Can
Purchased: Whichcraft Mueller, July, 2018
Packaged Date: 5/22/18
Consumed Date: 8/20/18

Details from the Brewer

ABV: 4.5%

No other info on website. Treating this as a lime gose.


Aroma – 4/12

A moderate salt note hits first. This is followed by a cooked vegetable character. It melds in with a low-medium citrus zest note. Some doughy malt character is also present. As it warms, the vegetal character is more pronounced with

Appearance – 2/3

Pours with a deep, dark straw color. A strong haze is present with low clarity as expected. Small off-white bubbles form a dense low head that dissipates quicker than expected.

Flavor – 6/20

A light doughy malt character starts the taste with an almost Gatorade level of salinity.  This is quickly overpowered by a cooked cabbage flavor. The vegetal character is intense and is mixed slightly with a bright citrus note.  The finish is soft with a slickness from the salinity.  This doesn’t stop the cooked vegetable note from lingering in the mouth.  The finish has a slight sweetness as well.  A touch of butyric acid appears on the finish as well.

Mouthfeel – 3/5

Just over medium bodied.  A moderate carbonation prickles the tongue, but could use more.  The salt lends to a heavy slickness on the inside the cheeks.  No noticeable alcohol warmth.

Overall Impression – 2/10

The recipe for this beer has potential.  Unfortunately, major flaws are taking away from the drinking experience.   The strong vegetal note is characteristic of DMS.  This is often seen by not boiling long enough or vigorously.  The beer could also benefit from some additional carbonation, and more attenuation.  It has a bigger body and finishes sweeter than expected.   The touch of butyric acid (vomit) on the finish is indicative of a poor souring technique as well.  The salt is a bit too high.  While the lime character works, it’s masked by the issues.

Rating – 17/50

I haven’t been very impressed by the Strange Land beers I’ve had recently.  This one seems to follow suit.  I’d be hesitant to purchase a six-pack before trying a single first.  It was also extremely hard to find any information on this beer; the packaging and website provided no clues.  If you’re looking for a lime Gose, stick with Real Ale’s or try Dogfish Head’s Sequench ale.  They’ll both scratch that itch.