Rex Machina

Brewery:  Jester King Brewing
Style:   Specialty IPA (21B)
Package: 16oz Can
Purchased: Beer to go!
Canned Date:  June 11, 2020
Consumed Date: June 30, 2020

Details From the Brewer

ABV: 6.7%

Rex Machina was brewed with a base of local Silver Star Two Row malt from Blacklands and a quarter-ton of flaked and malted oats and wheat. It was dry hopped aggressively, first with Weldwerks super-expressive, hand-picked lot of El Dorado, then again with a new hop blend called Trident, which lends an intense tropical, passion fruit character.


Aroma – 11/12

Tangerine and clementine jump out of the glass at high levels.  A “stinky” ripe tropical fruit note fills in quickly.  Some guava, but mostly passionfruit.  A moderate doughy malt aroma is also present.  Bits of wildflower and rose add some complexity as well.

Appearance – 3/3

Pours a pale yellow straw liquid.  A heavy haze obscures any visibility.  Small and fine white bubbles make up a 2cm head that lasts with good retention.  As it’s drank, lacing clings to the glass’s sides.

Flavor – 17/20

Waves of tangerine citrus wash over the tongue at a high level.  Medium high flavors of orange peel, lemon, papaya and passion fruit as well.  Some overripe fruit flavor.  A nice fresh bread dough and cereal grain malt flavor.  Slight floral perfume note and greenness.   Low bitterness and sweetness.    Finish is slow, leaving fruit flavors and a subtle bitterness behind.

Mouthfeel – 5/5

Incredibly soft and pillowy medium-light  bodied.  Moderate carbonation hits the back of the mouth.  No hop astringency.  Some hop oil lingers on the cheeks after the finish. 

Overall Impression – 9/10

A tasty IPA from Jester King and Weldwerks!  I really like the hop profile here,   there’s tons of fruit character, yet it doesn’t seem overly done.  The floral notes really round in a nice complexity as well.  The lighter body works here due to the pillowy character.  This is near perfect and would nail it if it didn’t have the slight green/vegetal hop note.

Rating – 45/50

I can see how this might not fulfill the dreams of a normal hazy IPA  drinker.  It’s a bit different in it’s execution, but I like it.  It’s body is so damn drinkable without being heavy.  This is the closest I’ve seen to a “zero IBU” IPA, where you’re completely distracted from any minute bitterness.  Another pandemic collaboration done well!