Saison de Poivre Citron

Brewery: New Braunfels Brewing Company
Style: Fruited Mixed Culture Saison, 28C (Wild Specialty)
Package: 500ml Bottle
Purchased: Provided by NBBC for review
Packaged Date: Blend 2 August 2018
Consumed Date: 1/15/2018

Details from the Brewer

ABV: 5.5%

Meyer lemons are hand peeled, cut, and barrel aged with our 85% white wheat farmhouse hefeweizen base, Blondine. After pressing off the fruit 3 times the beer is blended back together with the zest of the Meyer lemons and a handful of fresh cracked Tellicherry pepper.


Aroma – 10/12

A bright citrus note hits first at a medium-high level.  This is joined by an equally strong citric acidity.   I smell a bit of sweetness as well.  Some spicy-zesty notes from hops or the added peppercorn.  There is a musty funk coming through at a low level.  A more traditional cherry-like sourness with a touch of vegetalness peaks through as it warms. 

Appearance – 2/3

Pours a deep gold, almost amber color.  Fine ivory bubbles forms a small head on top.  Head lasts with average retention.  A think haze obscures most of the clarity.

Flavor – 10/20

An intense sourness strikes with a high intensity.  Lemon citrus zest joins this at a medium level.  A slight earthy funk comes out at the mid palate.  While dry, the fruit and acidity gives it an impression of being sweeter than it is.  Towards the finish a spiced note appears.  The finish cleans the mouth quickly, leaving behind citrus flavors and acidity. 

Mouthfeel – 4/5

Medium high carbonation.  Medium bodied.  Slight oily slickness hits the edges of the mouth.  The acidity is very drying on the finish, prickling the whole tongue.   Very low alcohol warmth in the throat.

Overall Impression – 7/10

This beer does a good job of conveying a bright fresh lemon character.  The zest and pulp/juice both come through.  Coupled with the acidity though, it is a bit too intense.  I had trouble finishing more than 1/3 of my glass.  I’d like to see the fruit character and acidity lowered and balanced with the rest of the beer and let some of yeast and funk shine more.

Rating – 31/50

This beer was probably my least favorite of the fruited 500ml sours given to my by NBBC to review.  That said, it’s probably one of the better lemon beers I’ve had.  The citrus acid addition was just a bit too much for me on top of the mixed culture.  This did create a really interesting almost sweet tart character to both the aroma and flavor.