Small Victory

Brewery: Austin Beeworks
Style:   Brett Beer (28A)
Package: 16oz Can
Purchased: Beer to-go!
Packaged Date:  N/A
Consumed Date: July 23, 2020

Details From the Brewer

ABV: 8.15%

Only a maniacally big brain can defy the laws of nature.  It took a devious mix of yeasts, bacteria and very late addition hops to hatch this hop forward sour. Muh ha Ha HA


Aroma – 6/12

A lemon forward acidity is the first thing noticeable.  Orange and lemon citrus blends in.  There’s a grainy and slightly doughy malt character.  A bit of perceived sweetness, almost candied like a sweet tart.

Appearance – 2/3

Deep gold and slightly orange colored liquid.  A slight haze obscures the liquid.  Medium and large bubbles make up a large head that lasts with great retention.

Flavor – 15/20

Acid forward at a medium acidity.  It’s very citric and lactic balanced.  Orange and grapefruit hop flavors at a medium-low level.  Low grainy malt charcter with a slight honey sweetness.  Moderate bitterness. A bit of chalkiness and minerality comes out toward the end of the taste.  The finish leave a lingering acidity with a drying minerality.

Mouthfeel – 3/5

Medium bodied.  A medium-high carbonation prickles the roof of the mouth.  A bit of alcohol warmth on the finish.

Overall Impression – 6/10

This hides the alcohol well.  It’s still got the bitterness of an IPA, but the other hop notes are suppressed. This may be due to age.  It still works well as a beer, but the flavors and aroma are a somewhat muted.   There isn’t a vegetal character that you sometimes get from hoppy sour beers, so that’s nice.

Rating – 33/50