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Hi Sign Brewing

Mellow Johnny

Mellow Johnny Brewery: Hi SignStyle: American Lager (1B)Package: 12oz CanPurchased: Whichcraft, June, 2019Packaged Date: IllegibleConsumed Date: June 20, 2019 Details From the Brewer ABV: 5% Collaboration between Mellow Johnny’s bike shop and Hi Sign Brewery Review Aroma – 9/12 A… Continue Reading →

Shamus the Fiddler

Shamus the Fiddler Brewery: Hi Sign Brewing Style: Irish Red Ale (15A) Package:  12oz Can Packaged Date:  11/16/17 Purchased:  Specs Airport, Mar 2018 Details from the Brewer ABV: 5.2% A beautiful irish red, with a slightly toasted nose, and a… Continue Reading →

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